Ranked choice accumulated results are in: Kaplan defends seat, Kalb wins D1

The ranked choice voting accumulated results are in from the Alameda County Registrar of Voters, meaning the runoff votes have been tallied. Barring any major changes in provisional ballots, introducing your new (and old) Oakland elected officials:

UPDATE: 11:23 am November 7



  1. Teddy

    does this mean that B1 passes?

    • Teddy

      just short of 2/3rds. i hope that there are still votes to be counted.

      • John C. Osborn Post author

        Only 70 percent of precincts are reported as of now. There are also provisionals that would need to be counted in the next few days.

        • Teddy

          provisionals in the next few days. we need another point four percent (.4%) what’s that? like 150 votes or so? come on alameda. let’s fix the roads & set it up better for commuters to use the public transit for cryin’ out loud!

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