Community photo of the week: Old Canon Road

Every week, Oakland North will publish a photo submitted by one of our readers. This week’s photo is by Sean Reinhart.

He writes, “I frequently walk this trail with my dog, and it never fails to make me feel like I’ve been transported back to a time when life was a simpler affair, lived much closer to nature, even when living in the city. This particular scene, with a new trail sign created by a volunteer amid stately old oak trees on a historic trail, for me captures that sense of old meets new that makes Oakland great. This sign is located on a fork in the Dimond Canyon trail, which runs along Sausal Creek through the Glenview District.”

If you’d like to contribute to “community photo of the week,” just send a favorite photograph taken in Oakland to with the subject: PHOTO. Oakland North cannot pay for community photos, except in gratitude and local love.

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