Oakland by the ZIP code: Your photos, your community

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This week, as part of our weekly photo series, the Pulse of Oakland, we are showcasing some of the community contributions to the Flickr stream. Our photographs come from Kyle Mortara, Neil Conway, Regina Aragón, Neal Parish, Tamara Gallagher, Edward Cervantes and David Bayless. Look for more of their photographs on Flickr. We’ve seen some beautiful pictures uploaded to Flickr so far.

You can submit your own ZIP code photos to the Pulse of Oakland project on Flickr. Your photos may end up being published on Oakland North, in another “Best from the Community” gallery in May.

If you would like to participate in our photo project just create a Flickr account (or log into one you already have), then search for the group called “The Pulse of Oakland.” Request to join the group, and once you are approved you can upload your own photos of Oakland. When uploading, simply tag your photo with the ZIP code where it was taken, and include your name in the caption. Make sure to make the photo public, and add it to the Pulse of Oakland group photo pool.

Sign up, and share your view of Oakland. The photos can be from the neighborhood you live in, the street where you work or wherever you like to hang out. Thank you to all of our readers who have already contributed to the group Flickr pool—it is growing every week. If you think we missed something in your ZIP code, take a photo and share it! This is an interactive community photography project, and we can’t make it complete without your help.

Oakland North reporters will continue taking photographs documenting each of the ZIP codes in Oakland over the next few months. Every neighborhood is diverse and different, and we want to capture that.

Questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments. Stay tuned for another ZIP code gallery next week on Oakland North.

See more photos on the Pulse of Oakland Flickr stream.


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