Riding through Oakland on BART

The janitor sings when no one’s around. 11 a.m. is quiet at Macarthur BART Station. The bike racks are full: the morning commuters are long gone. The janitor leans up against the ticket machine in...
Skateboarders at Town Park at deFremery Park in West Oakland around 11 a.m. October 13.

Skateboarding at Town Park

Town Park is a community skate park at deFremery Park in West Oakland. Night or day, there’s always someone hanging out, whether neighborhood kids after school or future professionals honing their skills. Click on the...
Oakland woman jogging along Lake Merritt. Photo by Rachel Loyd.

Jogging at Lake Merritt

A feathered creature glides across a white-pillowed sky, flapping its wings as though to maintain pace with the whisking winds. Its ivory body nearly blends into the backdrop, but its smoky tail soars in opposition....
Joshua Gause, security guard of 1544 Events, guards the door during the "Hope Art" project on Sunday, November 11, 2016. (Yesica Prado/Oakland North)

Business owners take damage done during anti-Trump protests in stride

On election night, protesters gathered in downtown Oakland after midnight yelling angry things like “Not my president!” and “Fuck Trump!” in the quiet streets. Others took it a step further and lashed out against nearby...
At a downtown Oakland protest on November 9, a demonstrator displays a message for future action. Photo by Margaret Katcher.

Oakland groups take action after a shocking election outcome

After a shocking Donald Trump presidential victory, groups in Oakland are taking action against the President-Elect's proposed policies.