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Gaylynne Hudson (Back Center) stands in front a Wells Fargo branch in Fruitvale with other Oakland residents who came to protest the sale of her home. Photo: Courtesy of ACCE.

Backed by new law, homeowners in Richmond, Oakland, fight to protect homes from foreclosure

When Oakland resident Debi Mason set out to prevent mortgage associates from the Bank of America from foreclosing on her sister Patricia’s Maxwell Park home in 2007, she had only a few friends, neighbors and...
Debi Mason at her sister Patricia Daniels' house, which is in danger of foreclosure.

Oakland residents call for freeze on foreclosures

Oakland residents converged Tuesday on an East Oakland street that has been blighted by foreclosures, calling for a freeze on foreclosures until the Homeowners Bill of Rights comes into effect in January, 2013. California Governor...
One day before the second eviction of the Occupy Oakland camp, a tent located near the corner of Broadway and 14th was sorrounded by signs that urged people to close their bank accounts.

Credit unions see a boost in membership after Bank Transfer Day

Bank Transfer Day was an initiative started by a Los Angeles art gallery owner that urged people to move their money from commercial banks to credit union accounts by Saturday, November 5. According to the...