Grub O.N.

Bake Sale Betty II’s No. 1 Customer!

Willie Acklin, Uptown resident, was Bake Sale Betty II’s number one customer this morning, he says. Bake Sale Betty’s original location is in Oakland’s Temescal Neighborhood. The opening of a second shop on Broadway and West Grand Ave. was highly anticipated. Acklin said he woke up at 6:30 a.m. to be the first to get his grub. But he didn’t have to travel far: Acklin lives accross the street. He was hoping for chicken, but alas, Acklin says he will…

3:22:10: The Hunger

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Genova’s: A day at the deli

Since opening in 1926, Genova’s Delicatessen has served pasta, soups and traditional deli sandwiches to residents of North Oakland’s Temescal district.

Kuro mame, A Japanese delicacy for New Year’s

This Kuro mame (black beans) recipe comes from a program the Buddhist Church of Oakland (BCO) held 12 years ago, highlighting food for the Oshogatsu (New Year’s) celebration. New Year’s is an important time in Japanese culture. Many of the foods served on this occasion are symbolic and come from the Buddhist tradition. Mame translates to “beans,” but also means “health.” When the black beans are combined with chestnuts (kuri, symbolizing success) and kelp (kombu, symbolizing joy), the dish symbolizes…