Raiders players read to West Oakland children in effort to promote literacy

The Oakland Raiders teamed up with the West Oakland Youth Center and First Book, a nonprofit that gives books to children in low-income neighborhoods, to bring free books to children during their "Rush to Read"...

Making It: Artists, craft fairs, and the holiday season hustle

Craftspeople all over the country are busy preparing for holiday sales. Many will make half their annual income in these final two months of the year. Hopefully, it's enough to make it through the slow...

In an era of harsh immigration policies, Bay Area faith leaders create sanctuary

Bay Area religious leaders and activists use their faith to fight for immigrants.

For families with loved ones in prison, incarceration takes its toll

Incarceration doesn't just affect the incarcerated, it alters the lives of their loved ones as well. Families struggle to maintain these relationships because of the financial and emotional burdens that the prison system places on...

Local nonprofit offers support for formerly incarcerated people

Community Works is a nonprofit organization in Oakland that provides services for formerly incarcerated people. These include parenting classes and groups that help men discuss ways they can overcome “toxic” masculine behaviors. For the past year,...
Armani Turner and Aquantay Morris, two student-athletes at Laney College, live in a prototype tiny house built by their peers at Laney.

Can tiny houses be an answer for students without a home?

Laney College students, who were homeless, have moved into a Pocket House—a type of tiny house—that could serve as part of a solution to the housing crisis in Oakland.

Shrimp Falafel Mix: how one family-run food truck thrives in Oakland

The city of Oakland implemented a new food vending program in 2017. But, how accessible is the industry to immigrant communities? And how does one family go about creating community through a food truck business?