You Tell Us: On World AIDS Day, no need to look far

Today is the 23rd Annual World AIDS Day – “an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, show their support for people living with HIV and to commemorate people who have died.” Normally I would walk through the day obliviously, but this is my first year celebrating the occasion as an HIV positive man.

You Tell Us: Don’t raid the Occupy Oakland encampment

Permitting a permanent encampment is a far better solution than waging war on the Occupy Oakland supporters. Looking back to history, during the Great Depression we had Hoovervilles that lasted for years. Central Park was “occupied.” The only thing that enabled these shanty towns to be destroyed was an economic recovery.

You Tell Us: Obama supporters and the Occupy protests

When I was in Oakland recently, I saw an interesting mural. There was a whole wall full of them, commissioned by the city to brighten up the area. All of them were happy and cheerful. This one depicted the Obama family smiling and having a picnic together—a very happy scene. But recently, someone decided to alter it a bit. The mural was hijacked, and now President Obama’s mouth is dripping blood, making him appear to be a monster.

You Tell Us: Oakland’s potential school closures

In the coming weeks, the Oakland Unified School District’s Board of Directors will likely be making tough decisions to close some Oakland schools. As the board embarks on this process, we at Great Oakland Public Schools (GO Public Schools) have been hearing from our network of parents, teachers and community members throughout Oakland and are writing to share their appreciations and concerns.