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Bernie Sanders Meet - Up Attendees hold signs of support.

Oakland women rally for Bernie Sanders

A multicultural and multigenerational group of women met to discuss Sen. Bernie Sanders' platform earlier this month in Oakland.
Wednesday's climate vigil began as the sun was setting at Skyline Community Church.

Faith groups hold vigil after Pope Francis calls for climate action

In response to Pope Francis' first visit to the United States, an interfaith community gathered at Oakland's Skyline Church to support his call to action on climate change.
Fran Rachel, 97, a resident of Berkeley, dances at a rally calling for a fracking ban in California. Rachel's wooden handpainted sign dates back to Vietnam War protests; she is now a great-grandmother. (Photo by Bonnie Chan)

Thousands rally in Oakland to call for an end to fracking

Despite early signs of rain, thousands of people converged in Oakland on Saturday in what organizers are billing as the largest anti-fracking demonstration in U.S. history, calling on Governor Jerry Brown to put an end...
Governor Jerry Brown has announced California's drought as officially over. Photo by Tom Grundy Photo via Flickr Creative Commons.

If California no longer has a drought, what does that mean?

If you go to the California Department of Water Resources’ drought Web page, you’ll only find this message: “The DWR Drought Web site has been shutdown due to no longer being in an official drought.”...
Neil Whitehouse and Lina Prairie, leaders of the Golden Gate Audubon Lake Merritt bird count search for the Tufted Duck.

In search of birds during Oakland’s 70th Audubon bird count

Early Sunday morning in the drizzling rain, a small group of people is standing on the shore of Lake Merritt peering out onto the lake through binoculars. They are birdwatchers participating in the Audubon Society’s...
Javier Amaro stands in his garden that is watered with run-off water from his washing machine.

Greywater systems give tap water a second life

Javier Amaro is one of hundreds of people in Oakland who have started reusing “greywater”—or run-off water—in their homes. California’s laws recently changed to allow certain kinds of greywater reuse systems to be installed without...