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Covered California enrollments are on the rise, but challenges remain

The number of uninsured California residents has dropped from 22 percent to 11 percent. But challenges remain for the Affordable Care Act, especially for families with mixed immigration status.
North Oakland Senior Center

Timing of Medicare and Covered California enrollment collide, causing confusion among seniors

When Barbara Witney, a 65-year-old marriage and family therapist, tried to sign up for Medicare last week, she was dismayed to find herself baffled. “I’m a pretty educated person and it was confusing for me,”...
Hispanic and Asian American communities account for nearly 60% of Alameda County’s uninsured population.

Covered California targets uninsured Hispanic, Asian American communities in Oakland

With less than a month before people can buy subsidized healthcare insurance through the online marketplace Covered California, Oakland healthcare organizations are reaching out to uncovered families, especially Hispanic and Asian-American people, who make up...