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The price of your vote

Over $6 million: That’s how much money flowed into the war chests of Oakland candidates and PACs in the November election for mayor and city council seats.

Spending limits for Oakland city council races explained

Spending limits in two district races have been lifted after union-funded PACs dumped over $80,000 in the District 2 and 4 races. See who they're spending it towards and where other candidates are getting their...

City council unanimously passes ordinance declaring a shelter crisis in Oakland

During the City Council meeting, the council members discussed Oakland’s shelter crisis, the federal legislation of California firearms laws and the state of the city address.

Oakland Public Safety Committee discusses how to spend its $1 million gun tracing budget

Department officials believe that, with more personnel and better equipment, they will be able to streamline their workflow and stay on top of which guns need to be traced.

Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan announces resignation

Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan announced Wednesday morning that he is stepping down from the department and seeking medical retirement. The abrupt resignation came moments before a scheduled news conference with Jordan and former New...
Oakland Police Department

To curb its rising violent crime rate, Oakland brings in a team of security advisors

Oakland’s hired the crime consultants and approved the $250,000 bill, setting in motion the plan to bring in six law enforcement experts—including former Los Angeles top cop William Bratton—as the city’s latest attempt to curb...
Police Chief Howard Jordan addresses the City Council about a recent crime report during Tuesday's meeting. Photo by Angela Hart

Oakland city council approves new plans to address foreclosures

During a heated meeting Tuesday night, Oakland City Council members approved two new plans to address the city’s foreclosure crisis in Oakland, and also accepted with mixed reactions a lengthy police department report about crime...

City council debates funding for violence prevention programs

Violence prevention programs funded by Measure Y are working, according to a report presented at the Oakland City Council meeting on Tuesday night. But not well enough, councilmembers and speakers from the public responded.
Assistant City Administrator Fred Blackwell explains how the new redevelopment law, which he described as "intentionally draconian" may impact the City of Oakland.

City of Oakland to take over affordable housing programs, debt obligations after redevelopment agency is eliminated

The City of Oakland will take over the Oakland Redevelopment Agency’s affordable and low income housing programs, assume responsibility for the agency’s enforceable obligations and oversee the dissolution of the agency this spring. In a...

Oakland City Council approves new requirements for Army Base redevelopment project

The Oakland City Council approved new requirements Tuesday night that would grant local businesses exclusive rights to demolition and remediation contracts for the Oakland Army Base redevelopent project.
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The pros and cons of Oakland’s proposed parcel tax, Measure I

Oaklanders have six days left to vote for or against Measure I, a tax increase for homeowners that would be used to compensate budget deficits in various city departments, specially the Oakland Police. Mayor Jean...