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Mayor Quan reflects on first two months in office

When Jean Quan began campaigning to be the mayor of Oakland, she promised to clean up Oakland’s neighborhoods and improve the city’s schools. Quan’s win surprised those who expected front-runner Don Perata to sweep to victory. But when the new, ranked-choice voting system took second choices into account, Quan pulled ahead. There are big roadblocks for the new mayor, but so far they haven’t slowed her down.

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It’s Wednesday … do you know who your next mayor is?

Delayed results

As of Wednesday morning, eight days after Oakland voters went to the polls to select their new mayor from among a field of ten candidates, there is still no new information about the outcome of the city’s first-ranked choice election, according to officials at the Alameda County Registrar of Voters. The final tally remains unknown with no indication of when the results will be certified.

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Final results for mayoral election expected today

Registrar of Voters

By 4:00 pm today, the Registrar of Voters expects to announce the complete results and winner of Oakland’s first ranked-choice mayoral election. Registrar of Voters Dave Macdonald said on Friday that the final tally, including the previously uncounted 15,000 mail-in ballots, will likely be released this afternoon. “Who knows what could happen?” Macdonald said.

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In Oakland mayoral race, Quan takes lead over Perata

Jean Quan

Oakland mayoral candidate Jean Quan overtook fellow candidate Don Perata this afternoon in the computer-run calculation of second and third-choice votes in Oakland’s new ranked-choice voting system. Although several thousand votes remain uncounted, Quan said she’s “feeling very good” about the latest results.

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Now, to find out who’s Oakland’s mayor … we wait

Though mayoral candidate Don Perata leads at the ballot box—11 points above his nearest competitor, with all Oakland precincts reporting—the city’s new ranked-choice voting system means it could be more than a week before a new mayor is formally selected. Under the rules of ranked-choice voting, a system approved by nearly more than two-thirds of…

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Trailing mayoral candidates remain hopeful

Quan campaign

Despite a clear leader, Oakland’s mayoral race is not over. Don Perata holds a 13 percent lead over his nearest competitor, but he is about 14 percentage points short of a “50 percent plus one” majority, meaning the race will be determined Friday by a ranked choice voting run-off. The run-off scenario leaves hope for…

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Oakland Votes: Election Day 2010

Polls have officially closed in California. Oakland North has reporters in the field submitting photos and content for up-to-date election coverage. Check back for the most current politics news in Oakland as the election results roll in.

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Oakland voters name their top mayoral picks

Oaklanders like Gene Stuckey offer their perspectives on the city's upcoming mayoral race.

Ten candidates, one mayoral race. As November 2 approaches, which of these candidates is making an impression on the people of Oakland? Twelve days before the 2010 election, Oakland North went to the corner of 51st street and Telegraph to find out.

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Tree planting project seen as solution to water pollution

Urban Releaf founder Kemba Shakur (left) listens to Oakland mayoral candidate Don Perata (right). “If you are out there in the open hills looking down at the flatland of Oakland, it is easy to assume that this is a tree-laden city,” Perata said. “But it’s not.”

Xiao’s current research involves the designing of a new model of tree wells—the area right around the tree root—that are integrated into the city’s drain system. This will allow the tree roots to become the cheapest water purifier. “The new well will save at least 20 percent of water in terms of irrigation as well,” Xiao said.

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