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Mayoral candidate and civil rights lawyer Dan Seigel speaks out against the DAC: "This is not for Oakland." Photo by Becca Andrews.

DAC foes vow to keep ‘watching’ surveillance plan

The Oakland community filled City Hall last week to speak out against the Domain Awareness Center, a surveillance center that has been a source of controversy since July.

At mosque, Oakland Muslims express sorrow and worry over violent aftermath to video

As Imam Zaid Shakir walked into Oakland’s Lighthouse Mosque for Friday prayers, several of his congregation leapt to their feet and embraced him, eager to hear his take on a YouTube video, and the violent...

The last days of Ramadan in Oakland

Muslims in Oakland are in the last third of the month of Ramadan--its most intense part, as observers continue to fast during daylight hours, declining both food and water until the sun sets. Daylight, and...