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Oakland officials consider new graffiti ordinance

Oakland’s Public Works Committee convened Tuesday morning to consider a new graffiti ordinance that would bolster the city’s current vandalism laws.

Proposed graffiti ordinance seeks harsher punishment for vandalism

This month, the city council’s Public Works Committee will consider a new graffiti ordinance, which aims to bolster Oakland’s current vandalism laws by inflicting harsher penalties on offenders and offering support for property owners frequently...

“Ready, Set, Grow” jobs forum spotlights employment in health and food industries

Discussions of food, community well being, and employment intersected in West Oakland on Wednesday at the city’s first “Ready, Set, Grow” event, a forum on jobs in sustainable food systems and health. Put on by...

New Oakland city budget cuts 80 jobs, but spares arts funding, zoo and Fairyland

The Oakland City Council passed a budget Tuesday night that will eliminate 80 city jobs. But thanks to a last-minute proposal from four councilmembers, funding for art and culture programs that had been on the...
Councilmembers Patricia Kernighan and Nancy Nadel discuss the new budget proposal at a town hall meeting Monday night.

At town hall meeting, residents and councilmembers debate mayor’s budget proposal

About 20 concerned citizens, activists and advocacy leaders debated the mayor’s new budget proposal Monday night at a town hall meeting organized by Councilmembers Patricia Kernighan and Nancy Nadel.

City Council discusses layoffs and department mergers, protesters disrupt meeting

The Oakland City Council began the process of scaling down the city budget last night in response to the projected loss of $28 million in redevelopment funding.
Assistant City Administrator Fred Blackwell explains how the new redevelopment law, which he described as "intentionally draconian" may impact the City of Oakland.

City of Oakland to take over affordable housing programs, debt obligations after redevelopment agency is eliminated

The City of Oakland will take over the Oakland Redevelopment Agency’s affordable and low income housing programs, assume responsibility for the agency’s enforceable obligations and oversee the dissolution of the agency this spring. In a...

Councilmembers, Occupy Oakland protesters spar over port policing resolution

After waiting for more than five hours for their chance to voice their opposition to a resolution intended to prevent another shutdown of the Port of Oakland, a large contingent of Occupy Oakland supporters weren’t...
Officials from the city and Port of Oakland want to transform the dormant Oakland Army Base into a "world class" trade and logistics center.

Oakland officials have a new development plan for army base

The old Oakland Army Base, a 330-acre parcel that stretches from the city’s waterfront to the base of the Bay Bridge and into West Oakland, has lain fallow for more than a decade, as officials...

Oakland City Council approves new requirements for Army Base redevelopment project

The Oakland City Council approved new requirements Tuesday night that would grant local businesses exclusive rights to demolition and remediation contracts for the Oakland Army Base redevelopent project.

Oakland residents propose initiative to implement term limits for councilmembers

A coalition of Oakland residents is pushing for an initiative that would impose term limits on the city council. Under the proposal, councilmembers could serve up to three four-year terms and then would be forced...

Oakland City Council reconvenes, hears complaints

One after another, Oakland residents approached the City Council podium Tuesday night to share their horror stories in dealing with the Building Services Department, part of the city’s Community and Economic Development Agency.

City attorney position could be filled at council meeting tonight

At tonight’s Oakland City Council meeting, three of the foremost items on the agenda will concern the vacant city attorney position: possibly voting in a replacement for John Russo, and approving two conflicting ballot measures...

At packed budget meeting, a debate over the fate of libraries, city services

Equipped with whistles, banners and plastic noisemakers, hundreds of people crammed into the City Council Chambers on Thursday evening to voice their concerns about the city's proposed budget cuts at a special hearing held by...