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An abandoned shopping cart is surrounded by tarps, a mattress, broken glass, and other trash on Wood Street, 18th Street. Photo by Briana Flin.

Oaklanders tackle illegal trash dumping in their neighborhoods

Illegal dumping has plagued the city of Oakland for more than 20 years. Today, the problem is worse than ever and it is affecting residents, businesses and government leaders alike.
Supporters hold signs for Dear John march

Oakland residents and police kickoff new campaign to reduce prostitution

Chants rang out along East 15th Street Friday evening as residents waved signs declaring “No crime, no robbery, no prostitution!” and “We need safe neighborhoods!"

Despite cancelled meeting, councilmembers discuss changing city’s banking contract

For the second consecutive time, the Oakland City Council’s finance and management committee failed to meet because not enough members showed up. The lack of a quorum—only Councilmembers Jane Brunner (District 1) and Patricia Kernighan...
Community members held signs and applauded the politicians who promised their support for a senate bill requiring banks to consider a loan modification for any homeowner who applied for one.

Residents rally against foreclosure practices and to support reforms

The sanctuary of East Oakland’s St. Louis Bertrand Church was filled with house keys on Saturday morning—keys on string encircling the room and hanging from the balcony, keys in jars, in pockets and around necks,...