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Latino students drove through the streets nearby Oakland Technical High School with El Salvadorian flags draped out of their windows. "We don't like Donald Trump. We are fighting for our dreams," said one student. Photo by Ryan Lindsay

Students across the East Bay stage protests in response to Trump electoral victory

On Wednesday, students at four East Bay high schools staged walkouts in protest of Donald Trump’s electoral victory, while #NotMyPresident trended on social media.
Audience members watch the debate.

Oakland students debate proposed tax on sugary beverages

Two weeks before November’s national election, two Bay Area Urban Debate League members debated a hot local ballot measure in downtown Oakland. Megan Ma and Aiden Koontz, both Oakland Tech High School students, took the...
HUB Oakland co-founder Konda Mason addresses the crowd at the project's Kickstarter campaign launch party.

HUB Oakland launches Kickstarter campaign for new Uptown location

More than 500 people from around the Bay Area attended a launch party in downtown Oakland Monday to help HUB Oakland try and raise $100,000 so that it can move into a large, permanent space...
Tay McArthur, a former history teacher at Oakland Tech, led a group of students in the class of 1981 to start Martin Luther King, Jr. Day statewide.

Oaklanders who started California’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day want to make it a month-long event

Former Oakland Tech teacher Tay McArthur, along with his former student Karen Kennedy Freeman, were looking thoughtfully at the lamp posts that line Lake Merritt. “Wouldn’t it be great if we had banners put up...
Martel Price listens to students from his leadership class.

One Oakland teacher’s lesson on discipline

Price has a special vantage point on the Resolution Plan, given the fact that he was once a disobedient student, and now sometimes works with students with behavioral issues. He’s a little ambivalent, he said—because...