Mayoral candidate Don Macleay sells voters on going ‘Green’

Don Macleay, the Green Party candidate in Oakland's mayoral race, stands in front of the building he owns on 40th Street that houses his computer business and his apartment.

It’s the First Friday in October, and Art Murmur is in full swing. Local ’zines, art depots and thrift shops are peddling their wares in between galleries packed with inebriated merrymakers. The atmosphere is hardly political, and yet mingling with the crowd is Don Macleay, one of Oakland’s ten mayoral candidates. “Let me tell you,” he says, thrusting fliers into the hands of passersby, “say ‘Hi, I’m a politician,’ and people will shy away from you. But say, ‘Hi, I’m with the Green Party,’ and people will take your card.”

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