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Marina Kukso

Oakland tech community participates in international hackathon

The International Open Data Hackathon on Saturday was part of an international event observed in 194 cities worldwide. The aim was to strengthen grassroots power through public access to electronic information.
Participants at CityCamp Oakland packed the City Council chambers for an all-day "unconference" connecting technology and local government.

CityCamp Oakland bridges the divide between tech and local government

Saturday’s “unconference” at Oakland City Hall featured more than a dozen workshops ranging from the city budget, to neighborhood crime issues, to the digital divide, and open data. Over a hundred technology professionals, city staff,...
Nicole Neditch, online engagement manager in the city administrator's office, takes notes as participants pitch ideas on what data to hack.

Oakland tech community hosts International Open Data Day hackathon in East Oakland

It is easy to think of hackers as criminals. It’s intuitive, maybe because of Hollywood’s depiction of hackers as invasive, ninja-like evil geniuses, who can download all of your personal data in a few minutes...
Code for America founder Jennifer Pahlka gives the keynote at CityCamp at City Hall.

OpenOakland brigade encourages collaboration between government and community using technology

Sounds of Christmas music, cheering and motorcycles at the Oakland Parade seeped through the windows of City Hall, but didn’t stop discussions on youth and technology, the freedom of information act and the digital divide...
Steve Spiker and Eddie Tejedas listen to new ideas at OpenOakland's second full meeting at the end of September.

Oaklanders push City Council candidates for increased government transparency

Born out of Code for America, a non-profit that serves as a kind of digital liaison between governments and residents, OpenOakland is a volunteer-based group of people interested in using technology to make government more...