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On Earth Day 2015, a look at the wild species that live in the East Bay regional parks

A puma or mountain lion. Photo source: “A PUMA" by fPat Murray on Flickr, shared via Creative Commons

The California Grizzly bear has been immortalized on the state’s flag, but the four-leg symbol is not around California anymore—at least not since 1924, when the last specimen was spotted in Santa Barbara County. However, other creatures inhabit California’s land, water and sky. The East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) includes more than 100,000 acres,…

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10 great walks in Oakland

Staying in Oakland for the holidays? Oakland North has picked out 10 great walks that are all easily accessible, either by a short drive, bike ride or bus trip.

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Local Parks Will Suffer From Proposed Budget Cuts

In the murky darkness underneath the 24 Freeway in Rockridge is a little slice of doggie heaven. On a recent Thursday afternoon, five or six pooches – it’s difficult to keep track – romp inside a large, caged doggie run while their owners chat. The dark, mulched run is not pretty to look at, but…

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Voters approve $500 million for regional parks

By BAGASSI KOURA Nov. 5 — Measure WW, which raises up to $500 million for East Bay Regional Parks through government bonds, passed overwhelmingly with 71 percent of the vote. Measure WW was introduced by park officials in August. The money raised will replenish dwindling funds that have been levied since 1988 by Measure AA, the…

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