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Fast food workers, union representatives and their allies converged on Frank Ogawa Plaza yesterday afternoon to call for a rise in the minimum wage to $15 an hour. Photo by Teresa Cotsirilos.

Oakland workers continue the “Fight for $15”

Hundreds of fast food and other low-wage workers gathered outside Oakland City Hall Tuesday evening demanding a higher minimum wage of $15 per hour. The demonstrations were part of a wider national campaign, Fight For...
Community members held signs and applauded the politicians who promised their support for a senate bill requiring banks to consider a loan modification for any homeowner who applied for one.

Residents rally against foreclosure practices and to support reforms

The sanctuary of East Oakland’s St. Louis Bertrand Church was filled with house keys on Saturday morning—keys on string encircling the room and hanging from the balcony, keys in jars, in pockets and around necks,...

Homeowners versus banks in fight against foreclosures; request for moratorium

Late Thursday afternoon, Oakland residents, foreclosed homeowners, and city workers filled the lobby of a Wells Fargo Bank at MacArthur Boulevard and Fruitvale Avenue—and not to deposit checks. The transaction: faxing a letter to the...