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Commuting presents challenges for some Oakland students

Many Oakland students commute to school on AC Transit buses.

Early this morning, from East Oakland to West, students climbed into AC Transit buses, fares or passes in hand, and commuted to schools in other neighborhoods. In 2004, the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) rolled out a new enrollment policy, an “options process” which allowed parents to send children to schools outside of their neighborhoods. Parents wanted equal access to opportunities at schools throughout Oakland, and some specialty programs were only offered at one or two schools. Since the district does not operate its own bus service, most students commute using public transit.

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Liveblog of BART strike

Federal mediator George Cohen, left, announced Monday night that BART trains will run Tuesday. BART is now planning a Thursday midnight strike. Photo credit: Jennifer Chaussee

We’re following this morning’s snarled commute. Stay tuned to Oakland North for updates. [View the story “Liveblog of BART negotiations” on Storify] [View the story “Liveblog of BART negotiations” on Storify]

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Metropolitan Transportation Commission debates proposal to create new seats for Oakland and San Jose

At its last meeting of the year, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) debated over whether a controversial proposal to create two new commission seats for Oakland and San Jose should be included in the commission’s 2012 legislative program—a package of proposed measures that the commission seeks to support or sponsor in the coming year. The…

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TELL US: What are the worst roads in Oakland?

According to last Wednesday’s study by the non-profit organization TRIP (The Road Information Program), Oakland’s roads are the fifth-worst in the nation. Based on your driving experience, what are the worst roads in North Oakland?  Email us your nomination for the most pothole-ridden, least safe, or otherwise decrepit public street in North Oakland. Send the…

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