Riding with Fix without Dix, Oakland’s premier ladies’ bike crew


Fix without Dix is a bike crew/gang/club for women only. They meet every Wednesday evening and ride through the East Bay’s streets to Alameda, Richmond, Berkeley, the Port of Oakland or up into the hills. Any woman who likes riding bikes can join — she doesn’t have to ride a fixed gear bike or be the fastest in the Bay Area. This group is more about community and fun than competition. To join on a ride, meet at the Lake Merritt BART station any Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.


  1. i got a little goosebumpy at that final scene.

  2. Courtneeey

    FW/OD Por Vida! Come ride everyone’s favorite lady cycling gang. 🙂

  3. ROAR!

    what’s ten treading?

  4. wilis

    ted shredding, you put your foot on your rear tire to lock a skid..

  5. CornDog

    Loved the video with the music and photos. Great report.

  6. Chris

    This turned me off from riding bikes.

  7. Rich

    “We embrace eachother, and we love eachother.”

    I wanna see that part!

  8. Greg

    That is a really great idea. I am glad you ladies can support other ladies getting into the sport. Is anybody switching over to deraillers for longer rides?

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