Raiders players read to West Oakland children in effort to promote literacy

The Oakland Raiders teamed up with the West Oakland Youth Center and First Book, a nonprofit that gives books to children in low-income neighborhoods, to bring free books to children during their "Rush to Read"...
Armani Turner and Aquantay Morris, two student-athletes at Laney College, live in a prototype tiny house built by their peers at Laney.

Can tiny houses be an answer for students without a home?

Laney College students, who were homeless, have moved into a Pocket House—a type of tiny house—that could serve as part of a solution to the housing crisis in Oakland.

An unlikely entrepreneur: The Bay Area teen trying to help foster youth through tech

Only about half of foster youth graduate from high school, and of those students, only 20 percent make it to college. Franco’s goal for FConnect is to help them learn about resources that will help...
Oakland school nurse Danielle Schaefer administers a vision test—one of her many daily tasks. The nurses say their workload is overwhelming and unsustainable.

Facing shortages, Oakland school nurses concerned about meeting student health needs

In Oakland, a shortage of school nurses has led to difficult working conditions—heavy caseload, treating severe health conditions, and high stress—that nurses say make it challenging to meet the health needs of Oakland students.

‘Swap Mama’ sews new life into old clothes

Bay Area Swap-O-Rama-Rama teaches people how to repurpose their used clothing through sewing in order to make clothes last longer and keep them out of landfills.

Thingamakids: Oakland students make music from scratch

A teaching artist with Thingamajigs taught a weeklong workshop at charter school East Bay Innovation Academy on "sound engineering," where students learned about physics, design, and mathematics by making their own instruments and learning about...
Tales of Two Cities brings you audio stories from Oakland and Richmond. Design by Angelica Casas.

Tales of Two Cities Podcast: Repurposing

Tales of Two Cities reporters explore all things repurposed -- from buildings and bridges to names, Lyft rides, school meals, and cannabis.
James Cox buckles in her daughter, Yemaya, as they head to Creative Explorers—a child care center that meets Cox's unique needs.

Adventures in babysitting: Oakland parents struggle to find the right child care

In Alameda County, there are multiple barriers—cost, capacity, hours of service—that parents have to navigate in order to access quality child care.
Tales of Two Cities brings you audio stories from Oakland and Richmond. Design by Angelica Casas.

Tales of Two Cities Podcast: Spectrums

Hear from people finding their own place on spectrums of language, hookup culture, neurodiversity, and politics.
Volunteer facilitator Christian Corral (right) guides Rudsdale High School students through complicated situations involving the law.

High schoolers take class to learn about the law and how it may affect their lives

Fresh Lifelines for Youth's Law Program offers Oakland high school students a unique opportunity to learn about the criminal justice system and how it might affect them in their own lives.
The meerkats also celebrated the Halloween season.

Oakland Zoo’s Spookfari sleepover delights children

For the second Halloween season in a row, the Oakland Zoo hosted a “Sundown Spookfari.” The zoo staff opened up their grounds for families to stay overnight and learn about some of the animals.
California Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction Nick Schweizer, State Trustee Chris Learned, FCMAT CEO Michael Fine, and Alameda County Superintendent of Schools Karen Monroe laid out the plan and process for AB 1840 to the school board. Photo by Alyson Stamos

School board members discuss financial future of Oakland schools

Oversight officials outlined a plan to determine whether the Oakland Unified School District should qualify for deficit relief funding from California’s state budget under Assembly Bill 1840.
Community Foods Market CEO Brahm Ahmadi speaks to a group of residents from Oakland and neighboring cities about the progress of the grocery store's construction at a site tour on October 13.

Community invests in proposed West Oakland grocery store

Ahmadi said he had no choice but to fundraise from residents, rather than taking a more traditional path such as a loan from a bank. On paper, the project showed a high risk of failure...
Assistant Fire Marshal Enrique Orduña watches and holds the nylon tubes as children crawl through after performing the stop, drop, and roll technique.

Fire departments educate youth during high risk month for California wildfires

Last year, the state of California experienced its most destructive and deadliest wildfire season on record. October is one of the highest-risk months of the year for wildfires in the state. Currently, fire departments and...