1/1/10 New Year’s Resolutions

Oakland wakes up to some good news at the beginning of 2010. The Oakland Tribune reports that the city’s crime rate declined by 10 percent in 2009, with homicides at their lowest level since 2005. After a year that had its share of discouraging news stories–the Oscar Grant killing and the death of four Oakland police officers in the line of duty most prominent among them–it’s also important to take note of stories like this one that suggest Oakland may be making progress in improving its citizens’ quality of life.

We have a busy year planned at Oakland North, as we’ll follow the mayor’s race; a new police chief’s efforts to keep Oakland’s crime rate on the decline; redevelopment initiatives in Upper Broadway and Golden Gate; and ongoing budget problems at the city and state level.

And we’ll need your help. As we all begin setting some New Year’s resolutions, we’re doing the same at Oakland North. We want to know more about the coverage our readers want from us. Are there neighborhoods we aren’t covering? Neighborhoods we cover too much? Do you want more reports from City Hall? More person on the street interviews? 2010 starts with a blank slate, and we’re eager to fill it as best we can. As always, you can send your thoughts to staff@oaklandnorth.net.

Happy new year, Oakland!

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  1. The thing I’d like to see most from this site is much more careful editing and fact-checking. Additional Oakland coverage doesn’t help anyone when it is so frequently wrong.

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