East Bay allez

Best bike jersey ever.

Best bike jersey ever.

Muddy chain rings, muddy cleats, muddy legs, muddy faces–basically muddy everything. That’s right, last Saturday was the East Bay’s annual mixed terrain alleycat. I went and checked out who was riding, the course and the prizes. It looked like a lot of tough competition. At one point, the guy who won King of the Mountain (which was the top of Tunnel Road) got off his bike and ran up the grassy hill carrying his bike on his shoulder to ensure that he beat his rivals. Luckily for the other riders, right after that, he got a flat and lost his lead in the race. The entire ride was 25 miles long, half was on the road and the other half was on dirt trails. The course also had some steep climbs and descents as it wove up and down Oakland’s hills. Here’s some pictures I took:

Evan--the fearless organizer.

Brother and sister dream team.

The riders waiting to hear the word "go."

One of the checkpoints up on Skyline.

View from the top of Tunnel Road--it was a pretty day.

Blake's shoes post-ride.

One of the prizes--home-made pickles.

After-ride relax with a keg full of beer.

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