Pedicab driver stays true to vision for a better Oakland

Ken Ott and his wife, Lulu Lin-Ott, are part of a generation of young Oaklanders who are trying to change one of the Bay Area’s most troubled and dangerous cities on their own terms.

Lulu wants to sell organic ice cream; Ken wants to drive pedicabs.

Ken’s dream of a more sustainable, livable Oakland from the saddle of his rickshaw means he must confront the city’s challenges head on.

In spite of a recent violent incident in January, however, Ken is back and his business is expanding. One year into establishing Backseat Pedicabs, the city’s first regular pedicab service, Ken reports he is in the process of training two aspiring drivers to join him.

Ken is usually out during Art Murmer on the first Friday of every month, and Thursdays through Sundays each weekend. He works for tips. To keep track of his whereabouts and musings, visit his Twitter account at

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  1. Ken

    One FYI, we also have non-electric (manual) pedicabs and are always looking for new drivers. Hoof it over to our website to apply. Cheers!


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