Bicycle powered sewing machine

On Friday, I walked around Art Murmur and found this guy—Paul Nosa. He has a bicycle that powers a sewing machine and while someone pedals and provides him electricity, he quickly sews any patch you’d like—on the spot—for the cheap price of $8. And if you pedal, he gives a 50-cent discount for every minute you keep the sewing machine going. He told me that he is on a coast to coast sewing tour but you can find him at the next Art Murmur or the Renegade Craft Fair.


  1. Love it, awesome idea, hope to see it in action at the next Art Murmur

  2. Brian

    Art Murmur has really taken off with the spilling over of vendors onto Telegraph. I can’t believe I missed him, there was a lot going on though.

  3. ken

    Oh Cool,I like it

  4. That is pretty cool, beats paying for electricity… I didn’t see this when I was there, wish I would have, I love this idea.

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