Adoptable Animal of the Week: Zahara

Zahara is up for adoption at Oakland Animal Services.

Zahara is up for adoption at Oakland Animal Services.

Oakland North is continuing with our new feature. Every Tuesday, Oakland Animal Services will spotlight an “Animal of the Week” that’s up for adoption at their facility.  This week it’s Zahara:

Zahara is a sweet white bunny. She’s calm and loves to flop down on her side after running around in the rabbit yard or following a big salad. She loves playing and doesn’t mind being held. White bunnies are often the last to be adopted but are usually the friendliest of all types of rabbits. Zahara would be a great choice to be a friend to a single bunny. Please consider giving Zahara a home. To see more photos of Zahara, go here. Visit Oakland Animal Services at 1101 29th Avenue, Oakland, CA and ask to see Zahara. You can also visit

Part of the Oakland Police Department, Oakland Animal Services is both an Animal Control unit—which is in charge of the city’s public safety and animal welfare—and a shelter, which helps abused, neglected and abandoned animals within its facility.

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