Three shootings in about three hours over weekend

According to the Oakland Police Department, three separate shootings claimed the lives of three people during approximately three hours early Sunday morning.

The first shooting, at approximately 11:55 on Saturday night, occurred on the 9300 block of Sunnyvside Street in East Oakland, where police found a 16-year-old African American male who had been shot multiple times. The young man died at the hospital.

At shortly after 3 am on Sunday, an ambulance was flagged down near 30th Street and Telegraph in North Oakland by people who were in the process of transporting another shooting victim, a 26-year-old Latina, to the hospital. She, too, died of her injuries.

At approximately 3:20 am, officers were called to intersection of 87th Avenue and G Streets in East Oakland to investigate reports of gunshots. The victim, a 21-year-old African American man, had already been taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

According to the OPD, all three incidents remain under investigation; the names of the victims and information about possible suspects and motives have not been released yet.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Homicide Section at 510-238-3821 or

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  1. livegreen

    Things in Oakland won’t improve until we have more Officers & a plan to manage OPD effectively.

    The latter we must give the Chief time to prove he can do, while asking hard questions (without also making the decisions for him).

    The former, hiring more Officers, requires $$. And how do we get those? The new $80 property tax won’t do it: it will only help maintain services. A larger property tax of $360 was already rejected last election cycle. And the City gutted Measure Y (M-Y) requirements for a minimum # of Officers and also eliminated Crime Reduction Teams (CRTs).

    The gutting of M-Y was advertised as retaining Youth Programs. That it did, while eliminating Officers. So our City leadership (with the Unions who’s $ were spent on the campaign) made the decision to prioritize Youth Programs over Officers as a crime prevention tool.

    How’s it working?

    • Whether one believes we need more cops or more after school programs, we won’t be able to afford either of them until we lower what we pay each cop, fire fighter, and most every other city employee starting with the managers.

      We won’t have the leverage to do that until the City Council gets the courage to place ballot measures that repeal binding arbitration for cops/fire and prohibits outsourcing of any city employee position.

      Instead the Council recently approved contracts that merely delayed raises for most employees, added some furlough days, and got about 6million in retirement contribs from cops.

      For cops and fire the CC went in to opposite direction: guaranteeing those unions that the CC would NOT try to repeal binding arbitration.

      When you face 70 to +100 mill deficits in the near future, the Council’s contract “negotiations” constitute spitting into the wind.

      Unless, like Mayor Quan you believe a 10Mill year parcel tax will get us thru the next couple of years until the good economic times come roaring back.

      -len raphael, temescal

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