For urban bikers, a risky commute and worries about safety

ghost bicycle

A "ghost bike" memorial to a cyclist who was killed in Washington, D.C. Photo by M. V. Jantzen.

Cities like Oakland would like to see more residents commuting by bike. But urban biking is risky, and sometimes both drivers and cyclists aren’t sure how to keep things safe.

For more information about bicycle safety, including a schedule for classes, visit the East Bay Bicycle Coalition’s website.


  1. Mr Freely

    Ok,he was pedaling in front of an A.C. Transit Bus and was “doored”. Personally, I would have given AC Transit the right of way. AC Transit drivers have been known to have a short fuse.

  2. I love my bike, love Tip Top Bikeshop and bike my old ass all over North Oakland. I do STOP at stop lights, do not get into the middle of the street, and drive defensively with my helmet on. I stay off San Pablo where I have seen three young people hit by riding inside of bigger vehicles that were turning right. Broke my heart down on San Pablo and West to see a young women hurt but Go bless them I wish they wold wear their helmets, not kick car doors and realize that in their efforts to get around they should not jump in front of traffic. Back in the 1950’s we had OPD traffic safety officers give us the rules of the road, and I would welcome if OUSD invited this bike safety class of EBBSCoalition. It starts there. Also the bike shops should pass out rules of the road. Thanks for the article.

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