Golden Gate: Then and Now

Take a tour of Golden Gate in the 1950s and earlier, and the neighborhood today. While some buildings have remained intact, most retail stores have been replaced by new businesses. What do you think of the changes in the neighborhood?

Historical photos provided by the Oakland Library History Room. Current photos by Amna Hassan.


  1. omg I remember this (the safeway) when i was a little girl LOL

  2. LaMonte Williams

    Picture number 9/16 is Stanford and San Pablo. Not 56th and San Pablo.

  3. David T Hunt

    I spent 24 years living on Stanford Avenue off the corner of Los Angeles St, dating back to 1969 thru 1995. I have seen a lot of changes in this neighborhood…Strom’s was a neighborhood landmark…the Safeway market turned into a pool hall growing up before it became Gateway market.The old fire department behind Klinkner’s Drug Store was still operating. The Black Muslim and Langendorf bakeries kept the neighborhood smelling good day and night!!! The memories!!!!

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