Meet the Oakland City Council candidates: an interactive map

With four Oakland districts and the Council At-Large seat up for grabs, 25 candidates have all entered the race to join Oakland’s City Council. The following map lists every candidate running in each district, a photo of each candidate, and a brief statement—provided by the candidate—about his or her key goals.


Erik Reyna also helped with this map.

One Comment

  1. As the map shows so well, there is not really “one” Oakland – rather, we have literally dozens and dozens of small communities, geographically. Our grassroots social clubs and groups are even *more* diverse, since they span and include these geographic areas and related interests.

    This creates a patchwork of competing views and interests. This is not theory, rather, as an organizer – I am telling you that. it. just. “does.”

    NOW –

    Out of this miasma of potential conflict, we now have a city governance that is completely dysfunctional, much like a dysfunctional family.

    The leaders that we elect, MUST be capable of forming coalitions, and seeking harmony, and not further conflict.

    I believe that the D3 election is crucial here, due to multiple reasons which include the above.

    And I am supporting Derrick for D3. I am not here to argue, rather to point out that a city divided against itself, cannot stand. And I implore people to elect peacemakers, and not people who will stir further political gridlock, which leads to further stasis, which in the case of where I live (the flatlands), leads to literal death.

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