Young model finds new strength in outreach after career-ending injury

Oakland, California, is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the country. Reporter Débora Silva followed an Oakland resident whose first-hand experience with gun violence dramatically changed her life. Click on the player above to watch the video.

Camera: Jessica Naudziunas

Music used in the audio portion of this video is “Ravel – Ma Mere L’Oye – 1: Pavane De La Belle Au Bois Dormant” by Felipe Sarro.




  1. Saj

    That is really awesome that Caheri has turned this into a really positive opportunity to educate and empower other youth to non-violence. Best wishes.

  2. caheri

    Thank you for helping me share my story Oakland North. I also would like to thank the viewers for being interested in my testimony. To connect with me , hear more in depth stories and keep in touch with my journey visit my personal blog at

    Thank you
    -Caheri Gutierrez

  3. Caheri you are a beautiful person and are bringing the kind of love that our city needs. You make me proud to be an Oaklander along with you.

  4. D Roberts

    I find her to be more beautiful after this horrible incident than the pics of her before. I am another proud person of this remarkable young woman.

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