Can bikes and people peacefully co-exist on BART?

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Last week, BART officials launched a five-day pilot program to see if bikes and people could fit comfortably onto its trains at all times. Now they are asking the public to complete an online survey that seeks to measure whether the experiment was a success. Results from the survey, which is due April 3, will be taken into consideration later this year when BART officials decide whether to make bikes allowable on BART at all times. Among the agency’s goals for testing the pilot program are encouraging riders to use bikes and easing up some of the congestion in BART parking lots.

BART tested a similar pilot program during commute hours last August to mixed survey results. You can read Oakland North’s previous coverage about how BART’s bike policies compare to those in other cities like Denver, Portland, Los Angeles and New York City.

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  1. Chump Bozo

    They should take all the seats out of the last car and most bikes should go in there. If the train gets really crowded it not full, some passengers can stand in there too.

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