Formerly incarcerated residents recognized in on-going art show, ‘Welcome Home’

The Welcome Home Project is an art exhibit and book showcasing photographs and stories of formerly incarcerated Alameda county residents who have turned their lives around for the better. Many of the people profiled now work as counselors and mentors to others leaving the prison system. The nonprofit organization Community Works spearheaded the project. The organization works to improve the impact of incarceration on individuals, families and communities.

Micky Duxbury coordinated the project, interviewing and compiling each story, and documentary photographer and Community Works director Ruth Morgan took portraits of the 20 subjects. “This project is about people who have changed their lives after spending five to ten or more years in prison,” Morgan said. Most people stigmatize formerly incarcerated people, she said, and hearing their story and seeing their image allows people to put a human face on them and see their successful trajectories.

The Welcome Home Project is on display on the third floor of Oakland City Hall October 16–29. A panel discussion hosted by Duxbury and featuring formerly incarcerated individuals will be held on October 24 at 7pm at the First Unitarian Church of Oakland.


  1. From a former thief and ex-con (12 years in state and federal prisons), it is wonderful to see stories like this.

    Keep up the great work!

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