Looking back at the 2018 Women’s March Oakland

Women's March Oakland: January 20, 2018

Over 40,000 women and their allies spent Saturday, January 20, marching in Oakland to support women. It was the second annual Women’s March Oakland; the one in 2017, coinciding with the inauguration of President Donald Trump, drew a crowd estimated at up to 100,000 people.

Around the rest of the country, the 2018 marches drew more than a million people.

This year, organizers will focus on registering voters, leading up to midterm elections in November, as well as on helping more women run for public office.

Click on the video above to see footage from Oakland’s 2018 march.


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  1. Obviously we were made to be equal. There’s no difference. We were all made the same. Yes, we may have different parts but other than that we are all capable of almost the same things. A woman can do just about anything a man can do and if you aren’t happy about that then, oh well. Women may be “emotional” or “hormonal” but they can be tough also.

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