Anti-war rally protests American influence on foreign countries and violence within the U.S.

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Andrea Turner has been singing protest songs against war for four decades. On Sunday morning, she joined the Rally against “US Wars at Home and Abroad,” organized by a coalition called Spring Action 2018.

At the Lake Merritt Amphitheater in Oakland, speakers not only raised their concerns about American influence in the Philippines, Yemen or Syria, but they also denounced violence against the black community within the United States. Among the attendees was former Oakland mayor Jean Quan.

Click the play button at right to hear audio from the protest.

Rally against War

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  1. It’s been like this for a long time, and the end result is always in American favor, for me the most notorious American stunt was the Iraqi war, at first they said there were weapons of mass destruction, and at the end there where none, the only thing that they wanted was the oil, Sad.

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