The Tale of Two Cities podcast: Hooked

Kava, kratom and caffeine — the stories in this episode of our podcast dive into obsession, addiction and habits. We follow reporters Susie Neilson ad Padmini Parasarathy as they goes to Melo Melo Kava Bar where people consume Kava, a Polynesian root-brewed tea, helping people with their anxiety and overcome addiction. Alexa Hornbeck takes us to Sacramento as she speaks with a mother fighting to keep kratom, a controversial herbal supplement, from being made an illegal substance in the United States. Annabell Brockhues fuels our need for caffeine as she speaks with the OG’s, a group of devoted coffee drinkers at Cole Coffee in Oakland. Lastly our hosts, Abené Clayton and Nikka Signh interview Kerry Hest, founding board member of California’s for Tobacco Harm Reduction. Our episode was produced by Luis Hernandez. Please click the button to the right to hear Hooked!


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