Women candidates in District 4 city council race team up

The only women in Oakland's District 4 city council race have teamed up to support each other in a tight race.

Less than a month before the November election, the only three female candidates in the District 4 city council race did something rare. The three frontrunners—Pam Harris, Nayeli Maxson and Sheng Thao— launched a campaign to support each other.

In a video posted on social media, the candidates asked voters to support all three women on their ballots. Like other Oakland races, the District 4 city council race will be determined by ranked choice voting, in which voters not only cast a ballot that lists their first-choice candidate but to also their second and third choices.

Harris, Maxson, and Thao are vying for the city council seat being vacated by Annie Campbell Washington. The other candidates include Joseph Tanios, Matt Hummel, and Joseph Simmons.

Charlie Michelson is also on the ballot but is no longer in the race. He dropped out in October for personal reasons.

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