Manifesto: Not your everyday bike shop

The bike store Manifesto has a Flickr photo account, “Our customers rock,” which is full of photos of people posing with their bicycles. People smiling standing next to their bikes, slowly riding by, triumphantly raising the bike over their heads — all photos of Manifesto’s customers with their new bikes. Each photo is captioned with lines like, “Austin sealed the deal on a red Schwinn that many were coveting on opening day,” “This beautiful Mercier, nicknamed Pierre, is now Casey’s…

What the…?

Did anybody hear about this strange incident in Fremont? “Bee swarm causes bicyclist to crash into truck” FREMONT — Those weren’t killer bees in Fremont’s Irvington area on Friday afternoon, but the swarming insects did help send a woman to a hospital, police said. The woman, whom police would not identify, crashed her bicycle into the back of a truck whose driver had stopped along Eugene Street after the bees surrounded the vehicle, police said… The entire Oakland Tribune article…

Missing pieces

It’s no fun getting parts stolen off your bike, and striped-down bikes can be seen all over the East Bay. The quality or age of the bike doesn’t matter, it’s always still a little sad when you see a missing wheel, seat or frame-R.I.P.

Shiny new bike racks

The City of Oakland has been hard at work installing bike racks this last month in Oakland’s commercial districts, including 40th Street, Piedmont Avenue, College Avenue and the Grand/Lakeshore area. This project started when the city got rid of parking meters and so unintentionally also removed 4,300 on-street bike parking spots. To read more about this, see the Oakland North article by Samson Reiny, Off with their heads. The other day, I caught up with one of the city workers…

Bike to the movies

Last night the Parkway Speakeasy Theatre hosted a “ride your bike to the movies night,” charging only four dollars to get in. The admission included free indoor attended valet bike parking. The Parkway does this the last Thursday of every month. So, next month, hop on your bike, cruise down to Park Boulevard, and kick back on a couch with a pitcher of beer and enjoy the silver screen. Information: Parkway Speakeasy Theatre 1843 Park Boulevard (between 18th St &…

Gambling for one of Oakland’s small schools

Tamara Arroyo, a young woman with her hair in a ponytail, pulled up the corners of the two cards she’d been dealt, an ace and a jack, and then looked at her dwindling pile of chips. With a gleam in her eyes and a slight smile, she obviously did not know the meaning of a poker face. On the table lay two jacks, a queen, and a king. The dealer dealt the final card-an ace. She cleaned up.

Lots of rain

  I know it’s good for the drought and all, but this rain is not great for riding bikes…    

Art show at Manifesto Bicycles

Tonight, from 6pm to 9pm, four shops around 40th Street and Broadway are hosting art shows and receptions, calling it the “40th Street Corridor Art Quest.” Manifesto Bicycles along with Rowan Morrison Gallery, Premium Tattoo and Vintage, and Issues will be displaying local artwork in their shops. People can get “treasure maps” (the stores will be passing these out) and have them stamped at each location, which will enter them into contests to win gift certificate prizes from the shops….

Bikes around town

I’ve been riding around town taking photos of pretty bikes I’ve seen locked up — here are a few:

Weekend Redwood ride

A friend made this Google map of a local ride he really loves: Start where Skyline Boulevard meets Redwood Road, get on Redwood Road and follow it through Redwood Regional Park to Pinehurst Road. Veer left on Pinehurst Road and keep on it all the way around Redwood Regional Park and back up to Skyline Boulevard again.

Bucking the myth: There is no upside to the downturn

In tough economic times, you’d think 99-cent stores, pawnshops and thrift stores would be thriving. They’re not. Behind the counter of 41st Discount, a 99-cent store on 41st and Telegraph, stands store owner Omar Alrahimee, surrounded by phone cards, incense oils, microwave popcorn, “God Bless the USA” bumper stickers, and cigarettes (his best selling item). He holds up a stack of bills he hasn’t yet paid. “Today is the 12th, I have not paid the rent, I used to pay…

Keeping it Wheel

  Welcome! This is Oakland North’s local bike blog, dedicated to all the cyclists, bike shops, bike culture, bike events and general love for cycling in Oakland. I’ll be out and about searching for and writing about all things bike related. One of my goals is to take photos of notable/hilarious/beautiful bikes locked up around the city, and even better, people posing with their bikes. Please send in your own photos, along with comments, thoughts and ideas. Keep it Wheel.

No golden parachute for stores on Piedmont Avenue

Loren Partridge has until February 28 to vacate Cunningham Partridge Gallery and Framing, the Piedmont Avenue business she has run for seven years. “I’ve seen it coming for months,” Partridge said last Saturday afternoon. “Then January came, and boom.”