After Oakland hills fire, residents build off-the-wall homes

On October 20, 1991, the hills above North Oakland and South Berkeley were prey to a three-day urban fire that destroyed over 3,500 homes and instigated a building revolution that permanently transformed the neighborhood for decades to come. Before the fire, the hillside was littered with small, older homes, some dating as far back as the 1920s and 1930s. But after the fire, the Oakland hills neighborhoods drastically transformed into a community of clashing architectural styles, innovative designs, and large, looming structures.

Skateboard shop moves out of old Hooper’s building

In early 2011,Worth signed a lease to rent the long-vacant Hooper’s Chocolate Shop on Telegraph Avenue in North Oakland. It had everything he was looking for: a great location, tons of space, and a unique interior. But despite his best efforts, the store was plagued with financial difficulties.

Oakland biking group Fix Without Dix puts on a heated alley cat race

For the past five years, Fix Without Dix (FWOD), an Oakland-based biking group for girls and transgendered people, has hosted Wednesday night social bike rides throughout the city. Sunday’s race, dubbed “The Tumbleweed Race,” was their first foray into hosting co-ed races, but certainly wasn’t their first time hosting an alley cat race.