Puck Lo

Police make pot, weapons bust by Lake Merritt

Oakland Police announced today that they had discovered four adult marijuana plants, small bags of marijuana, and eleven firearms,  including assault weapons, at an apartment on Lakeshore Avenue. Oakland police officer Deandre Vantree arrived at the residence after OPD was alerted by a phone call reporting the sound of gunfire, police spokesman Jeff Thomason told reporters this afternoon. According to Thomason, a witness outside the apartment told police that gunfire broke a second-story window around 9:30 AM. Thomason said that after…

Author’s new book urges rights for “illegal people”

Journalist David Bacon remembers the first time he saw farmworkers chased and dragged away by immigration officials in the mid-1970s. He talks about his new book, “Illegal People: How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants.” By Puck Lo/Oakland North