Beyond Broadway & Telegraph


Artists have been steadily leaving San Francisco for Oakland, exchanging high rents for more space. The result is a city full of artists that seem to care less about cost and commerce and more about community.

The majority of galleries and exhibition spaces in Oakland are artist-owned and artist-run. This makes Oakland distinct. Much of the art is made by locals and the exhibition spaces are often different than what you’d typically expect.

We decided to visit several of these artist-owned spaces and curate our own virtual gallery where you can visit and learn about their motivation and vision. We tried to venture beyond the busy art corridor of 23rd and Telegraph, highlighting spaces off the beaten path.

From West Oakland to East Oakland, we looked at places like WE Artspace, where the owners actually live in their gallery–art-gazing includes views of their eclectically designed kitchen and loft bedroom; to ABCO, a gigantic former factory, where resident artists like Aaron Geman have the space to sculpt elaborate mechanical inventions; to Float, which is not only a gallery but also a flotation center where artists can relax in Epson saltwater tanks to maximize their creativity.


Click each of the links to see short interviews with artists from different galleries.

Sight School

Rowan Morrison Gallery