Beauty’s brings Montreal-style wood oven baked bagels to Oakland

Amy Remsen and Blake Joffe—she experienced in the restaurant business and he as a chef—opened Beauty’s Bagels in Oakland last August. For the past few months, the small Temescal shop on Telegraph Avenue has seen a steady flow of customers, with lines occasionally winding out the front door and spilling onto the sidewalk.

District 1 City Council candidates take questions from Oakland residents

From Fruitvale to Rockridge, Oakland North reporters spoke recently to residents about the city council elections.  We asked everyone the same question: If you could speak directly to the candidates, what would you like to know? We delivered the most frequent of the residents’ questions, in person to the seven candidates for the District 1 City Council seat.  Their edited answers, one question at a time, will appear in Oakland North every week between now and Election Day.  Sam Rolens,…

Breaking down the CA Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Should California end up following the guidelines used for the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in New York, the only other state in the country to adopt such a law, then private employers of full-time babysitters and caretakers will need to follow some new rules.