Keeping It Wheel

Weekend Redwood ride

A friend made this Google map of a local ride he really loves: Start where Skyline Boulevard meets Redwood Road, get on Redwood Road and follow it through Redwood Regional Park to Pinehurst Road. Veer left on Pinehurst Road and keep on it all the way around Redwood Regional Park and back up to Skyline Boulevard again.

Keeping it Wheel

  Welcome! This is Oakland North’s local bike blog, dedicated to all the cyclists, bike shops, bike culture, bike events and general love for cycling in Oakland. I’ll be out and about searching for and writing about all things bike related. One of my goals is to take photos of notable/hilarious/beautiful bikes locked up around the city, and even better, people posing with their bikes. Please send in your own photos, along with comments, thoughts and ideas. Keep it Wheel.