North Oakland Now


After three town hall meetings (covered by OaklandNorth here, here and here), Mayor Dellums has announced a two year budget for 2009-2011. Meant to close the city’s $83billion defecit, the new budget will likely cut some city services. To look at the official budget proposal, visit the city’s website. The Trib’s education reporter, Katy Murphy, writes in her blog that Oakland School Board President Alice Spearman resigned today. This while the District continues its search for a new superintendent. And…

North Oakland Now: 05 May 2009

According to the Oakland Tribune, Alameda County has declared a state of emergency due to the Swine Flu, officially (by request of the pork lobby) referred to as the A-H1N1 Flu. This will allow the county to get state and city funding to be able to keep up with the outbreak. For those who missed it, Malcolm X Elementary in West Berkeley continues to be shut down after a suspected swine flu case. Here’s a map of Bay Area swine-related…

North Oakland Now: Zero de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo! But not so happy for Oakland. I’m sure many of you found out that the usual Cinco de Mayo Fruitvale festivities were canceled this year. Why? Lack of funding for security. The Asociacion de Comerciantes y Profesionales de Oakland sponsors the event each year and has to get permits and police protection from the Oakland Police Department. The celebration and parade were supposed to be held last Sunday but ACPO needed more time to fundraise. “We…

North Oakland Now: May 1st, 2009

Here’s some of today’s top OakNorth news: It’s May 1st, and Immigrant rights and labor groups across the Bay Area are mobilizing for International Workers Day. In Oakland, groups will be assembling at Fruitvale Plaza at around 4pm, and Marching to City Hall from 4:30-6:30.  Here’s a quick history lesson on May 1st. Stay tuned for Oakland North’s coverage of the day’s mobilizations. In an update on the Oscar Grant case, the Alameda County Superior Court rejected Officer Johannes Mehsherle’s…

North Oakland Now: April 30, 2009

Good day! Here are today’s headlines! Oakland cannot afford Cinco de Mayo celebration. Centro Legal de la Raza hits 40 years! City auditor recommends Oakland invest millions in public works.

North Oakland Now: April 29, 2009

Big news today in Oakland! Here are the headlines! New indictments handed down in the Chauncey Bailey murder case. Swine flu case closes Bay Area elementary school. Five-hour standoff in East Oakland ends in peace.

North Oakland Now: April 28, 2009

Here are today’s headlines! Drive-by shooting in Oakland leaves one dead.  It’s the 35th homicide this year. Is it swine flu or pneumonia? Two California deaths may be related to swine flu. Press allowed at Bey IV’s torture trial.

North Oakland Now: April 27, 2009

Good morning! Here are today’s headlines! Has swine flu made its way to the Northern California? Sacramento County may have a case. The NAACP is using technology to upgrade outreach and activism   tools. Oakland police are still looking for suspects responsible for shooting three children, ages 1, 3, and 14 this weekend. All three are expected to recover.

North Oakland Now: April 26, 2009

Happy Sunday! Here are today’s headlines! Three Your Black Muslim Bakery employees on trial for kidnapping and torture waive right to second hearing and head straight to trial. Three children caught in crossfire this weekend in East Oakland. Oakland Raiders draft Maryland receiver Heyward-Bey.