Oakland Police Department renews contract with controversial forensic data company

Last Tuesday, Oakland City Council renewed the Police Department’s contract with the cloud-based software company Forensic Logic for use of its data-sharing platform COPLINK. COPLINK, which has been used by OPD since 2012, allows officers to search and analyze data shared by “several thousand law enforcement agencies across the United States.”  The contract costs the city a total of $704,000 over a three-year period. The resolution passed 7-0. Councilmember Nikki Fortunato-Bas (District 2) abstained from voting citing concerns over third-party…

Voting rights restored for Californians on parole

After over four decades of disenfranchisement, Californians on parole now have the right to vote. Because the U.S. invests heavily in mass incarceration, the number of people who have lost their right to vote because of their parole status has risen from 1.7 million Americans in 1976 to 6.1 million in 2016. This act would start to reverse those numbers.  In Alameda County, an overwhelming majority of residents voted to make this possible. 74% of the population voted to restore…

Oscar Grant’s family denied meeting with District Attorney after case is reopened

On Thursday, Oct. 8, family and friends of Oscar Grant entered the René C. Davidson Courthouse days after District Attorney Nancy O’Malley announced the reopening of the investigation of the Grant’s killing by a BART police officer more than a decade ago. The family planned to meet with the DA to discuss the decision. But instead they were told the meeting wouldn’t happen