Juicy toxins: Johanna Poethig and the art of Wasak

By Carlos Davalos/Oakland North Johanna Poethig’s art has a straight message: It’s crazy out there. The North Oakland artist’s latest work-in-progress is a series of large-scale canvases that take her ideas about public art into a more radical arena of political madness, cultural confusion and community consciousness. She calls it Wasak!!, in a nod to the Philippines, where the art has just gone on display. The word “wasak” is a commonly used term in Philippines’ slang. It’s one of those…

At Manzanita, you really are what you eat

video by MARTIN RICARD If you’re vegan and you live in North Oakland, this is the place to be. Even if you’re not,  1050 40th St., is the place to get a good meal that is both organic and macrobiotic.

O.N. opines! On politics, on creepy comedy, on Xma$…

In these commentaries, Oakland North writers weigh in on 1) keeping Black Friday in perspective; 2) keeping certain kinds of humor in the back room, where maybe it ought to stay; and 3) how the new secretary of state selection looks through the eyes of a journalist raised in West Africa.