Friends and family gather to remember shooting victim Isaiah Sudan: “The violence needs to stop”

For three months, Phyllis left her house every night at 9:30 p.m., stood on the sidewalk and looked around, the streetlight illuminating 54th Street in a fluorescent haze. She studied the windows of the homes...

MLK parklet becomes the seed for a neighborhood’s dreams

Two women rolled out a grass carpet on MLK, and then served free lemonade one sunny September morning. A year later this space has become a symbol of change and community.

Urban Farm Tours feature sustainability methods used in urban environments

The Institute of Urban Homesteading, which offers classes that focus on living in an urban environment and in “rescuing” the lost arts of gardening, work in the kitchen and other work performed by hand, will...

Thomas Peele on his new book, Your Black Muslim Bakery and Chauncey Bailey’s murder

When journalist Chauncey Bailey was gunned down in front of a downtown Oakland parking lot in August 2007 by a 19-year-old named Devaughdre Broussard, the shock of his murder made international headlines, and drew a...
Linden Park Playground

Longfellow Community Association celebrates its first anniversary

Members of the Longfellow Community Association gathered on Saturday at the North Oakland Community Charter School to celebrate the first anniversary of their neighborhood group and look ahead to future projects.

Oakland’s fifth dog park officially opens with a leash cutting ceremony

Underneath a network of highways, off of Martin Luther King Jr. Way in the Longfellow neighborhood, is a big expanse of green grass in the Grove Shafter Park. Here Oakland’s newest public dog park was...