Howie Harp closing, leaving homeless without service

On October 15, the Howie Harp Multi-Service Center at San Pablo and 18th Street will close. For the last 21 years, Howie Harp has served homeless people diagnosed as mentally ill. The clients’ conditions run the gamut from schizophrenia and narcotics abuse to manic depression and diabetes, and Harp has provided such services as housing referrals, anger management, counseling, hygiene kits and meals. Watch the photo slideshow and hear from the people who have sought aid from the center for...

AC Transit considers drastic weekend service cuts

AC Transit, the transit district serving Oakland and surrounding portions of the East Bay, could reduce its weekend bus service by half, and make several additional cutbacks, if the district does not quickly resolve a dispute with its employees’ union.

Oakland celebrates National Night Out with 452 block parties

Carrying bowls of pasta salad, watermelon, and meat to grill, on Tuesday night people left their houses and streamed into hundreds of neighborhood gatherings being hosted throughout the city as part of National Night Out—a nationwide block party that encourages people to get to know their neighbors and promotes community safety.

Shout-outs to Spokeland

On Sunday, the Spokeland Bike Co-op set up shop down at Mosswood Park for a “Love Your Bike” fundraiser. They called all their friends with tools and skills to diagnose and fix all passers-by’s bikes for a small donation

Moving forward on bike lanes near MacArthur BART

After receiving a $242,500 grant to improve bicycle access around North Oakland’s MacArthur BART station, the city is moving ahead on a series of measures. New bicycle signs are being added to to 40th Street, 41st Street, West Street, Webster Street, and Shafter Avenue